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Bart Day at Grammys

Backstage at Grammy Awards rehearsals, Staples Center, Los Angeles, 2016


“Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, wise counsel, and support. The music business landscape is often a crazy one to navigate. But the longer we are in it, the more strongly we feel that it’s the journey more than the destination that defines a career and life. Thanks for being such a valuable part of this most wonderful life.”

[National recording artist]

“Just a quick note to tell your how much I appreciate the way your do your work in the world. I’m one of your teeny tiniest clients, and yet you always return my phone calls and emails as though I’m up there at the top of your list. Thank you!”

Tina R

“Bart is great at taking the time to explain involved legal issues in laymen’s terms, as well as spending his (your) time wisely and effectively.”
Brian D. (artist manager)

“Bart is quite simply one of the best in the entertainment business. He’s the one contributing to many fine books and articles on the subject, and is known for his integrity and detail. I have very much appreciated the opportunities to work with him on many occasions.”
Patrick L. (recording artist)

“Bart is widely viewed as the best entertainment lawyer in Oregon, and rightly so. His insight, knowledge, experience and patience combine to make him a superlative attorney.”
Dan H. (Seattle attorney)

“Consistently top notch. You can rely on this attorney to steer you correctly on entertainment issues, where correct advice is so important to striving entertainers and artists.”
Bruce B. (Chicago attorney)

“Bart Day, a lawyer you can trust! What a concept! Because in the music business you cannot trust your manager, your accountant, your lawyer… or your band members! Bart is the exception.”
Recording artist/member of Rock Hall of Fame group

“Bart is a guy who shows up. Before we became friends, I was Bart’s client. And he showed up there too. He patiently and meticulously explained what was going on in certain paragraphs of a songwriting deal and why accepting them would not be in my best interest. Then he asked if I understood. I said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.” And, very calmly, with no evidence of frustration, he would begin the explanation again. He stuck it out with me until I comprehended it. I’ve been forever grateful for his gentle commitment to breaking through my denseness!”
Songwriter for Rock Hall of Fame group

“Bart has strong background in entertainment and media law both as a practitioner and lecturer. I highly recommend him.”
Allen B. (Los Angeles entertainment attorney)

“I first met Bart almost 20 years ago at an entertainment conference in Seattle, Washington. Over the years I have engaged Bart as my attorney in matters related to entertainment law. It has always been a pleasure to work with him. He is very trustworthy, responsible and has the ability to translate very complicated entertainment law issues into plain English. I have found him to be the consummate professional. He communicates with me on a regular basis about my issues, and will go to great lengths to research any topic or case-studies that support my business dealings. Trust is my main way to measure the merits of a man, and I trust Bart with any and all of my professional contracts and negotiations, and recommend him highly to anyone who needs the services of trustworthy entertainment law attorney.”
Chris K. (Seattle entertainment industry consultant)

“Bart was clearly the most thorough, informed, and concerned of all the attorneys who we contacted about our situation. I was very impressed with his follow-through, intelligence, and advice, and I highly recommend him.”
Jan D. (Los Angeles filmmaker)

“Mr. Day helped me with some contractual items. He got back to me right away and helped resolve the matter quickly. Highest rating.”
Jimmy M. (New York Times best selling author)

“Mr. Day is that rare combination of a brilliant legal mind, and the ethical character of a born leader! His great technical background is “what it takes” to deal with the complexity of the modern entertainment world. He helped our group in many ways, and would like to thank him and recommend him highly.”
Cat O. (executive director of arts organization)