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We represent new media companies, including, for example, social networking sites, interactive entertainment properties, video games, software, electronic publishing, and content sharing arrangements.

The following are examples of the types of New Media matters we handle:

•  Transactions involving digital music (streaming, downloads, interactive temporary downloads, ringtones, ringback tones, and fingerprinting technologies)
•  Mobile and non-mobile video (for example, on-demand, user-generated, mobile, and webisodes)
•  Social networking, Internet TV, branded entertainment (sponsorships, text- based tie-ins, promotions, and contests), mobile entertainment (games, content, music, applications), casual games, and massively multi-player (“MMP”) games (web, mobile, and console)
•  Negotiating Multi-Channel Network and Youtube agreements on behalf of content owners, to enable them to maximize the monetization of their content on Youtube and similar websites
•  Advising clients on their rights to license, own, use, and protect proprietary technology,  intellectual property, including so-called “platform agreements” required for computer game ventures
•  Advising new media clients on celebrity rights of publicity; and preparing and negotiating new media agreements relating to celebrity rights and endorsements
•  Preparing and negotiating development agreements, including website and app development agreements and game development and publishing agreements
•  Representing clients in the sale, acquisition and protection of domain names and other online assets
•  Assisting clients with domain name ownership issues and terminating the use of their domain names by cyber-squatters
•  Counseling clients on Internet regulatory issues, including privacy laws, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), and the CAN-SPAM Act
•  Preparing and negotiating web hosting, subscription, and web-based license agreements, partnering and joint venture agreements, and Internet user terms and privacy policies
•  Assisting clients with forming new legal entities, such a partnerships, corporations, and limited liability companies.