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•  Advising clients on strategies to more effectively market and protect their copyrights

•  Obtaining copyright registrations (including, sometimes, obtaining expedited registrations in the United States required to initiate litigation)

•  Advising clients on the legal aspects of using entertainment content in connection with ‘cutting edge’ technology ventures

•  Advising clients on a wide array of copyright transactions, including copyright licensing and corporate acquisitions. We often work with clients’ corporate counsel or their corporate law firms to ensure that the intellectual property aspects of sales, acquisition and merger agreements are properly and thoroughly examined and properly drafted

•  Advising our clients on “fair use,” chain of title, and rights clearance issues

•  Drafting, negotiating and registering with the U.S. Copyright Office various kinds of documents, such as copyright assignments

•  Assisting our clients with issues relating to the recapture of copyrights by the creators of copyrighted content pursuant to Sections 203 and 304 of the U.S. copyright law. (Bart Day of our office is one of the foremost experts nationally with respect to this complex area of copyright law.)

•  Advising on international copyright issues, including advising companies outside the U.S. on how to protect their copyrights in the U.S., and advising creatives from outside the U.S. on how to recapture their U.S. copyrights

•  Advising clients on Digital Millennium Copyright Act (“DMCA”) issues, including ‘safe harbor’ and ‘take down’ procedures and issues

•  Litigating copyright issues and negotiating infringement settlements